Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Alone during the Halloween

I have decided not to go to Lupon, Davao Oriental to celebrate the Halloween. For the time being, I stayed i the house. My hubby is on duty, he is advised to report to the police station since a lot of people will be at the cemetery to visit and remember their departed love ones.

For now, It's time to do the laundry to keep myself busy. These past few days I was a bit lazy to do it, but if you looked at it now it's huge. So I am eager to wash it.

I am planning to have a movie marathon. I will browse through  internet for a good movie. I am an abit  here so just bear with me.

It's almost time for dinner. I will cook something to indulge myself with good food. My appetite is not quite good, but I have to eat. Just, a fast fried fish is all I need. simple and easy. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

What makes someone beautiful?

It depends on your perspective. Beauty is never-ending its undying. A wonderful heart is a good catch and very hard to find. However, there are little things that can make someone dazzling inside out.

1. Be Positive - always have a good vibe, it will wash out all the negative thoughts that has been there in your mind for the longest time. You will definitely free from Stress.

2. Stay Healthy - eat right, exercise and have a good sleep. Don't forget to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and nourished your skin.

3. Smile often - it will send a good message to the other person looking at you.

This is what I think that makes someone beautiful.

What to do on Halloween?

Filipino believes in the saying "The Family that prays together stays together." Perhaps, some forget this but to me, it is very important. I value relationship most especially my family.

During the celebration of All Saints Day which is on November 1, a lot of people will be at the cemetery to visit their departed love ones. This is one way of remembering them through offering them prayers and food for their souls. Some would say, we are crazy offering food and prayers to the dead. This what I used to.

On the other hand, November 2, is All Souls day. Some would prefer to go to the cemetery on this day to avoid traffic and bunch of people on the streets. I think we are scheduled on this date also, to visit my Lolo and Lola. It will be a family reunion with all my relatives, to which I don't see often.

Meanwhile, October 31, 2011 and November 1, was declared by Pres. Noy as a special non-working holiday and regular holiday respectively. It will be a long weekend for everybody here in the Philippines. November 2, 2011 is a regular working day.

Hope everybody is safe and sound during this celebration.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Internet Service Provider in Davao City

I was browsing all day to find any information about having the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) here in Davao City. However, none of them helped me in choosing one. Currently, my ISP is PLDT DSL with a speed of 384 kbps, just this Friday, I experienced no internet connection at all! Imagine, I can't use the internet for a very long time only to find out that there's none they can do to compensate me.

I am mad because the first CSR or Customer Service Representative told me that the internet connection went down last Friday night, and it was in our area, particularly in Obrero. They are sorry due to lost of connectivity, but the CSR doesn't do anything. I've called at least three times and talked to them. However, no complaints or report was made. The problem with PLDT Customer Support is that it will take a lifetime before you can talk to anyone of their CSR!

I did everything I can to reach out through email and their so-called 24/7 customer support, and they told me that the internet connection has been repaired. Unfortunately, the browser crawled like a snail. Gosh!

I don't want to push my luck with Smart Bro and Bayantel,  is there any other ISP that can be "sulit" or you're getting what you've paid for?

I would love to have your feedback on this matter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Lazy Wednesday

I woke up late today. I am still sleepy, and my brain is empty. I dragged myself to take a bath, after a while I felt refreshed. I ate my breakfast then headed to the office. When I got there, it seems too shallow maybe and the atmosphere kind of lazy not cozy.

During the day, I've encountered noting but a hypocrite. I can feel that my blood pressure is rising, so I calmed down a bit. Why does there's such a fellow?! My mind was screaming so badly. I drowned myself with my work to forget everything, and I did. Alas!

After the office, We went to the barbeque Grill Restaurant Located at Obrero Street, Davao City with my co-worker and her husband to eat and enjoy the rest of the evening. Hamm...I'm so full!

I went home and sleep early. That was my Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Displaced Heart

What a beautiful Monday morning, I woke up with a great smile in my heart, unfortunately, there are circumstances that ruined everything. Needless to say I was left out somewhere, and I can't figure it out. There's too much of something, knowing my heart is so restless.

My agony is getting stronger. How can I let go of something so precious? Will it make me happy? Alternatively, it will lead to my unhappiness? Lord, Please enlighten me, help me to uncover the truth.

Right now, I can't understand my heart's content. I'd rather stay happier than this. However, I would like to solicit an answer from my readers. My heart is tormented so badly.

I hope soon enough someone will enlighten me.

A Fun Filled Sunday Endeavor

It started when my cousin encouraged to me be a part of the Sunday morning exercise at the People's Park here in Davao City. I realized that I am not getting any younger and definitely need that. The first I went there, I saw a lot of people doing the same thing I did some of them jogs as fast as they can, while I am having the time of my life I am just merely walking..ha ha!

After a while, I saw a bunch of people gathered and occupying a vast area of the park. I then simple joined them and follow what they did. My sweat begins to drop after a few minutes of doing Taebo at the park, with no fees at all, it is absolutely free sponsored by the Local Government of Davao City thru Davao City Mayor Sarah "Inday" Duterte and Brgy. 5-A, the Taebo instructors is from Metro Lifestyle. Isn't it fascinating?

Yes, it was fascinating and incredible, I would say that locals from Davao City benefited from this industrious undertaking. The fact the Taebo exercise is free of charge, Lugaw or rice porridge is absolutely free also. I love it!

I would encourage all of you to join and have a healthy life.

Rewrite: What is more important, Electricity or Internet?

What comes to your mind when you encountered the question "What is more important, Electricity or the Internet? Some would say Electricity, others would definitely choose the Internet but come to think of it, Electricity and the Internet are very important in our daily activities, businesses, homes. School and other facilities cannot perform if electricity is paralyzed. So, I think electricity and the internet are considered as basic commodity nowadays. It works in a mysterious way, the wonders of using the internet can lead to something productive, but how can we do that if we have no electricity? The fact that we can't do anything if we don't have electricity, on the other hand, life is plain without the internet like Facebook, twitter and other social-networking  sites.

It adds beauty to our daily life, colors and fascinating experience.

A Gloomy Tuesday Morning

It has been noted that for the past few days, Davao City has experienced a sudden change in weather condition. Aside from a gloomy Tuesday morning, I am feeling good due to the cold morning dew. Isn't it fascinating? Well, just on precautionary measure to be taken care of. Don't forget to bring your umbrella, coat or something to cover you in case of rain.

In addition, I felt the weather is getting hotter and the sun's ray is getting stronger. Alas! I can't really tell whoa.. I might need to take vitamin C for my protection. Sudden change of weather might lead into acquiring diseases such as cold, fever, coughs and many others.

One need to be sure how to take care of herself/himself for your own benefits. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, have a good diet and have a stress-free life. Be contented. Go out with friends and with your family members, it will help uplift your life.
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