Friday, August 17, 2012

Love to Watch Disney on Ice Show Live!

I wonder where I could buy tickets for the Disney on Ice show. A friend told me that I can purchase it online; according to her she bought disney on ice tickets for three at and remember they have all available george strait tickets and kenny chesney tickets  in all cities, which you can buy tickets at a lower cost.

I got mine with no worries :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still making Money Through Adsense

It has been three of four months ago before I updated this blog till now. I never expected such a great click points form this site. I was really astonished to see it really generated a lot of income from my AdSense account. apart from that, I was really taken this for granted but now anymore today.

I was encouraged to write something a bit because of AdSense. Wow, really fascinating. I just hope that it will continue to give me more blessing even-though most of the time I am concentrating on my other blogs as well. I updated it quite well. Clara's Random Thoughts is a health and lifestyle blog. if you want to visit it just click on the link and Chronicles of a Mentor wherein you will be able to join me in my journey.

I really thank Anything on the Buzz for making money still.
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