Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still making Money Through Adsense

It has been three of four months ago before I updated this blog till now. I never expected such a great click points form this site. I was really astonished to see it really generated a lot of income from my AdSense account. apart from that, I was really taken this for granted but now anymore today.

I was encouraged to write something a bit because of AdSense. Wow, really fascinating. I just hope that it will continue to give me more blessing even-though most of the time I am concentrating on my other blogs as well. I updated it quite well. Clara's Random Thoughts is a health and lifestyle blog. if you want to visit it just click on the link and Chronicles of a Mentor wherein you will be able to join me in my journey.

I really thank Anything on the Buzz for making money still.
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