Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Gloomy Tuesday Morning

It has been noted that for the past few days, Davao City has experienced a sudden change in weather condition. Aside from a gloomy Tuesday morning, I am feeling good due to the cold morning dew. Isn't it fascinating? Well, just on precautionary measure to be taken care of. Don't forget to bring your umbrella, coat or something to cover you in case of rain.

In addition, I felt the weather is getting hotter and the sun's ray is getting stronger. Alas! I can't really tell whoa.. I might need to take vitamin C for my protection. Sudden change of weather might lead into acquiring diseases such as cold, fever, coughs and many others.

One need to be sure how to take care of herself/himself for your own benefits. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, have a good diet and have a stress-free life. Be contented. Go out with friends and with your family members, it will help uplift your life.

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