Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Alone during the Halloween

I have decided not to go to Lupon, Davao Oriental to celebrate the Halloween. For the time being, I stayed i the house. My hubby is on duty, he is advised to report to the police station since a lot of people will be at the cemetery to visit and remember their departed love ones.

For now, It's time to do the laundry to keep myself busy. These past few days I was a bit lazy to do it, but if you looked at it now it's huge. So I am eager to wash it.

I am planning to have a movie marathon. I will browse through  internet for a good movie. I am an abit  here so just bear with me.

It's almost time for dinner. I will cook something to indulge myself with good food. My appetite is not quite good, but I have to eat. Just, a fast fried fish is all I need. simple and easy. :)

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  1. That is so sad.. but at least you have time for yourself. Sometimes we also need to be alone.

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    Thank you much



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