Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Lazy Wednesday

I woke up late today. I am still sleepy, and my brain is empty. I dragged myself to take a bath, after a while I felt refreshed. I ate my breakfast then headed to the office. When I got there, it seems too shallow maybe and the atmosphere kind of lazy not cozy.

During the day, I've encountered noting but a hypocrite. I can feel that my blood pressure is rising, so I calmed down a bit. Why does there's such a fellow?! My mind was screaming so badly. I drowned myself with my work to forget everything, and I did. Alas!

After the office, We went to the barbeque Grill Restaurant Located at Obrero Street, Davao City with my co-worker and her husband to eat and enjoy the rest of the evening. Hamm...I'm so full!

I went home and sleep early. That was my Wednesday!

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